In these days of globalization and sometimes nail-biting competition, everybody has to look for new ways to achieve savings in the entire process line, as well as to improve the overall productivity.

DIMAL Asia Pacific, in close cooperation with a leading European manufacturer, has developed a new product, relying on decades of experience in process technology and on-site research with some of the most advanced European steel makers.

DIMAG-SC, a magnesite-based material, which is far superior to Dololime because of its higher MgO content, allows a significant decrease in material costs and, at the same time, a relevant increase in productivity.

DIMAG-SC contains highly reactive MgO, which will assist in speeding up the production process; this can lead to a shortening of tap-to-tap time of up to 5 %, thus increasing productivity.

This is how DIMAG-SC can bring about a substantial decrease in cost. Introducing DIMAG -SC into the melting process results in the spontaneous creation of foamy slag, which will cover the furnace walls, especially at the slag zone area, thus increasing the life-time of the brick wall by up to 25 % - 30 %. This also means that the duration between re-linings of the furnace wall can be extended significantly.

Furthermore, the fast reaction of DIMAG-SC, leading to speedy build-up of foamy slag, can help to reduce the electrode consumption due to the foamy slag providing a better protective cover of the electrodes. Some plants have reported a reduction of up to 10 % in electrode consumption.

DIMAG-SC can substantially reduce the specific production costs of steel. With the use of DIMAG-SC, the amount of gunning material can be reduced. More importantly, because of the shortening of the tap-to-tap time and the better thermal protection of the electrodes, the electric energy consumption for the production of the same amount of steel will decrease by up to 7 %. Under certain conditions, even the amount for carbon to be blown into the furnace can be reduced.

DIMAG-SC is reliable because of the consistency in the chemical analysis, which is strictly controlled by DIMAL Asia Pacific. The quality is also ensured by the fact that the refining of the graded material is prescribed by the laboratory of DIMAL Asia Pacific to allow only minimum tolerances.

DIMAG-SC can be easily stored in an open area without compromising its chemical and physical properties. Humidity and other weather conditions do not have any negative effect on the material. This will save the company the costs of providing covered storage facilities. In addition, compared to other materials, which usually break into pieces and generate dust due to transport and storage, DIMAG-SC will keep its form and consistency due to the calcinations and briquette process, i.e., there is no impact by dust generation.

Based on its chemical properties, DIMAG-SC provides defined metallurgical effects. However, specific requirements can also be catered to if there is a need to adapt the slag conditioning to different process parameters, as a specialized chemical property can be created for DIMAG-SC.